Yi Sun sin

Yi Sun sin was born on April 28, 1545, near the current Chodong, Seoul. Yi Sun sin, who grew up under Yi Sun sin's strict parents, has been very popular with friends since he was a child. Yi Sun sin tried to cultivate with all his strength in writing, but I think he should be a general who will close his heart and protect the country. So, according to your will, you will be challenged with a free exam. When Yi Sun sin passed the free exam when he was 32 years old, he became the crest protecting North of Hamgyeong-do, and in 1580, it was the same as that of Manho, the commander of the naval defensive in Jeolla Province. Soon after, he was driven out of the Manho Clan by the high clan archery because of his straight character. I spend a lonely day worrying about the country. When the giants invaded the Joseon Dynasty, Yi Sun sin helped a man named Yong, and made a great effort to defeat the giant. In recognition of the big ball, it became only Dungeon on the island called Nokdundo Island, and was released from Baekuijonggun and became the prefecture governing Jeongeup Goryeo. Yi Sun sin developed the policy of becoming a sensation of the past.

Around that time, the ancestral wages sent two reapers to Japan to investigate Japan's intentions. The two reapers who have been to Japan have a partisan fight over the problem of the country's fate. The ancestral wages realized that Japan's movements were not unusual, and faced a left-wing investigation into Yi Sun sin. Yi Sun sin became a left-handed investigator in Jeolla Province and went down to Yeosu. The ship is old, the weapons are rusty, the military is helpless, and everything is a mess. Yi Sun sin creates a turtle ship by calling the carpenters and the military while giving disobedience to the military. Using this, Yi Sun sin went to Noryanghaejeon and the Battle of Hansando to lead the victory. Yi Sun sin never let go of the retreating Japanese forces. I thought that each battle was the last and defeated the Japanese. Then, in a battle, Japanese bullets pierced Yi Sun sin's breasts. When Yi Sun sin announced that he was dead, the morale of his allies fell, so he called several soldiers and said, "Don't tell me about my death. "If you tell us, we will lose."

It is a familiar word for ‘mortal life immortal life’. I think it is the most well expressed expression of his military spirit among the words of Admiral Yi Sun sin, who is most respected in Korea. It means that if you fight to die, you will live, and if you fight to live, you will die. It's a great word that reminds me of what I'm doing and what attitude I should take. Admiral Yi Sun sin is a great man with great rigidity against unrighteousness among the greats, absolute willingness to prepare for work amidst all sorts of hardships and misfortunes, and finally, to prepare for the unknown. You will have to learn the great thing about General Yi Sun sin.

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