Jang Yeong sil

Jang Yeong sil was born in a humble gwanno born between a Chinese father and a parasitic mother. Jang Yeong sil, who was born as the son of Gwan-gi, was always teased as a child of Cheon-min. Jang Yeong sil has always been creative and passionate. One day, he made an oak tree top to show a true example to a friend who teased himself, and released his toy bag to show off to his friends. Jang Yeong sil, who was a child of Gwan-gi and had to go to Gwan-a's nobi, was not faithful to his position, but rather faithful and faithful. He was very intelligent and curious since childhood. Also, because of his good dexterity, any object could be quickly understood and fixed. He studied King Sejong's deep gratitude for his deep consideration, and as a result, he made Korea's first astronomical observation device, the liver, and in a year, he created the astronomical observation device, 'Honcheonui', and surprised King Sejong. But this was only the beginning. Young sil's efforts did not end here. The `` Qualification Tower, '' an organization that announces time, was born, and the stone, time, and effort required to make this were truly great. Subsequently, the simpler sundial called 'Angbuil-gu' was invented, followed by the observation instruments 'Hyunju-il-gu', 'Jungnam-il-gu', and 'Ilsung-jeong-si'. Up to this point, you can see how much Jang Yeong sil contributed to the scientific development of Korea.

The goal of Jang Yeong sil is 'I am very happy to do something for others through my efforts.' These goals and learning can be said to be a very necessary mindset for us now. Jang Yeong sil, who was also called the man who relieved the worries of the king, is a device that can see the changes of the season and the flow of time at a glance. We have produced outstanding scientific organizations such as the organization 'Check'. Unfortunately, Jang Yeong sil had an unfortunate end. One day, King Sejong rides the kiln that Jang Yeong sil suffered for several weeks under the command of King Sejong. Since this kiln was made by Jang Yeong sil, there was little shaking. However, as some of the potters stumbled over the stone beak and fell, the kiln hit the ground and crashed. Upon hearing the news, the Eumgeum department executed the death penalty immediately, but the death sentence of King Sejong the king asked him to escape.

King Sejong tried not to put Jang Yeong sil in jail, take his place, or take it out, but Jang Yeong sil, who had lived for several years in prison, eventually lost the place of the apostle and no one knows where Young sil's whereabouts are. King Sejong had faith and trust in Jang Yeong sil, and he knew that Jang Yeong sil was never the right person, but the law was so decided that he was forced to take out and take office. Jang Yeong sil is a person who has risen from his humble status through constant efforts in all aspects, and because of the existence of Jang Yeong sil, our current technological skills have also improved. King Sejong the Great, who has grown up to be a great scientist, is a great man, even though he is a person with a humble status by recognizing Young sil's abilities. After imitating these people, we should try to be good enough to be called the 2nd Jang Yeong sil by standing up in unfavorable circumstances or difficult environments like Jang Yeong sil.

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