King Sejong



King Sejong was born in 1397. Sejong, the third son of Taejong, was well educated and loved to read books. In 1412, when King Sejong was young, he was called “Do” and was called Chungnyeongdaegun when he married the daughter of Simon Yangju in 1412. The Daegun of Chungnyeong had excellent bowing skills since he was a child, but he was a man with a heart and character enough to think that he would want to avoid meaningless killing by not putting an arrowhead on the arrow.


On the other hand, the older brother of King Sejong, Yangnyeong, was a brother who shared the same blood between Chungnyeong and Yangnyeong, but his personality and behavior were very different. His personality does not enjoy killing, but rumors have been raised among his servants that he is radical and willful. While Chungnyeong did not put a book in his hand, Han-se-ji concentrated on fostering personalities, while Se-ja fell into a drunken spirit and was unable to do his best.


After knowing that King Sejong was younger than himself, Yangnyeong neglected to read books to yield to the king's place, went hunting, and began to go out of the eyes of his father Taejong. It's possible. The priests gave several advices to correct the actions of the king, but he ignored them because he was not interested in the succession to the throne.


독후감 한글 번역


Therefore, many new officials regarded the king as unwilling, and many of them wished that Chungnyeong pushed out Yangnyeong and succeeded to the throne. However, the friendship between Chungnyeong and Yangnyeong was so strong that they knew that it would never happen. Then one day, Seja visited Taejong and said, "I will give up the position of Seja, so please pass it to Chungnyeong." Thus, Taejong's third son, Chungnyeong Daegun, was enshrined in Seja.


Taejong will pass the throne to King Sejong on August 10, 1418, three months after King Sejong was released. When King Sejong became king, he faced difficulties because there were no competent new men around him. Jihyeon Hyun, an academic research institute that can draw a lot of such competent and intelligent new people and cultivate competent scholars, is established.


Jihyeonjeon was first established in Goryeo and was refurbished by Taejo, but after that it was left without proper achievements, and thanks to King Sejong's active support, he returned to his original form, and later they helped King Sejong to achieve the great achievement of Hangeul creation. do. Also, one of the books with high historical value issued in this field exhibition, the farming practice was published in this field exhibition.


독후감 복사하기


King Sejong created and published Hangeul in 1445. Of course, at that time, instead of using the name Hangeul, the word Hunminjeongeum was used. Hunminjeongeum means the right sound to teach the people. The reason that King Sejong made Hunminjeongeom is simple. The Chinese characters used at that time were difficult for the people to learn and master. So King Sejong made Hangeul, a letter that people can learn and write easily.


So it became the proud Hangeul we are using today. Korean Hangul has a history of more than hundreds of years. However, in fact, it was less than 100 years ago when we started proudly writing. In the meantime, our ancestors have been mistaken and used to stick to Chinese characters. Hangul is the character of our nation's ear. In other words, it is the character of the ear of our people. In other words, it is a vessel containing the soul of our people. Hangeul is known as a scientific and practical letter that is proud to be released in any country.


Even in difficult circumstances, following the King Sejong, who developed and developed by keeping and studying our Hangeul, we will also have to work hard to polish and polish the Hangeul.



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