Shin Saimdang

We can find Shin Saimdang a lot around life. The one who is in the fifty thousand won currency is Shin Saimdang. Until reading this book, Shin Saimdang was thought of as the mother of Yulgok, depicted on a thousand won. However, as I read this book, I think he is truly a great man when he sees his wife's outstanding artistic intelligence, his wife as a filial daughter, and her great mother. Shin Saimdang is considered to be the best woman in Korea's history by receiving good teaching from parents. In the Joseon Dynasty, thoughts and lifestyles were all based on Confucianism. The women of that era did not study writing because they thought it was all they needed to do. The original name of Shin Saimdang is Inseon. The resignation party was named in an attempt to imitate China's most discreet and modest wife, Taeim. Sinsaimdang was born in Gangneung, Gangwon-do. Shin Saimdang has been good at needlework and embroidery since childhood, especially in poetry and painting. In addition, as a person, I learned the torii and manners that must be observed as a person, but I was a man who was highly educated. My father saved Insun's talents so much that he knew that Inseon's painting talent was extraordinary, and when he came home, he forgot and saved the wedding. Even after getting married, Shin Saimdang was able to seek her husband's understanding and live with her mother in a sonless relationship. Even after entering the poetry, she was able to open up her art world thanks to the fact that she did not struggle with the poetry of other women of the time. My husband was very open minded and understanding, but he didn't seem to enjoy studying very much.

Sinsaimdang had four sons and three daughters, who taught their children painting and writing. One of them had a child, Shin Saimdang, who had a child and dreamed of entering the room just before the birth of the child, as well as the black dragon. The third son born at this time is Ii. Shin Saimdang made a difference when it came to knowing that Ii would be bigger. This was the leading scholar and politician Yi Yul-gok of the Joseon Dynasty. Known as the best child of children, Lee resembles Lee Won-soo, not ignoring his lacking brother, but diminishing his face, and even calling his brother's recklessness. Sinsaimdang raised children wonderfully with warm love and sometimes strict teaching to their seven children. Saimdang was not lazy to teach his children to study with her husband. Saimdang, who sets an example in all things, raised his children brilliantly. Shin Saimdang is a filial woman, a good mother, a good wife, and an outstanding artist, and has been a model of Korean women to this day. Saimdang, who produced the most outstanding women and the best scholars in the history of Joseon, was also worried. Saimdang's husband, Lee Won-soo, said that the resignation wasn't deep enough, so that Saimdang tried to study apart for 10 years, but he returned only after 3 years from the fourth departure. In addition, she was far from home, so she wasn't the only one worried about her mother. Saimdang was always a pensive man. Children education and husband-in-law's parents, we all want to be a great person like him, who considers and cares for everyone and life.

Sinsaimdang is a rare Hyo-nyeo of the Joseon Dynasty, a great mother with virtue and personality, the current mother-in-law, as a lost wife and an artist, as a mirror of Korean women. I realized even more that there are many people who can really imitate filial piety and affection and love for their children. The Shin Saimdang in my head was respected, but after reading the book, I realized that there was a lot to learn and vowed to practice what I had learned. Shin Saimdang's mother is also very respectable. It also seems to be a great mother who has brought up Shin Saimdang so brilliantly. I would like to reflect on my failure to properly filialize my parents who raised me like this, and from now on, I must practice filial piety, not just filial piety.

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