Heo Jun

Speaking of Heo jun, he is generally known as a lawmaker and a person who wrote Donguibogam. In addition, Heo Jun is a great man who is well known to many people because he once gained great popularity in dramas. He was a famous medical scientist in the Joseon Dynasty, and he was well-received as a medical doctor at the time of the ancestors, and was favored by the king. Heo Jun was born in 1546 between his father, Henon and his mother Son, as a scribe of Yongcheon County, Pyongan Province. Seoja is a man who has a father, but he is a half-seat man who was not eligible to take the exam in the past because of his mother. Heo Jun was born as a son of a man, but since he was a child, he had to live with cold and cold. Hur Joon is pessimistic about his situation and tries to find a new life. To do that, they accompany their mother and wife and leave the house. My father understands that situation and sends them.

Heo Jun was interested in academics, but he was unable to take the exams in the past. Fortunately, however, after a twist, Heo Jun meets Yu-tae Tae, who had a high name as a medical practitioner in Saneum, Gyeongsang-do. He starts gradually from the bitter and gradually learns medicine by becoming more and more noticeable. One day, Yu-tae Yu, who had stomach cancer, feels that her body is serious and sacrifices her body by dissecting it for her medical studies. Heo Jun dissected the teacher's body from the Miryang Ice Valley through the teacher's body with stomach cancer, looked at each feature of the body, and was able to further develop his skills. The following year, Heo Jun passed the medical examination as a senior, and began his court life as a physician. Heo Jun finds various irrationalities of Hye-min-seo, when he works for Hye-min-seo, a member of the House of Representatives. He devoted himself sacrificially in Hyeminseo, trying to correct the irrationality. Heo Jun was smart and very talented, and he gained confidence and burdened his ancestral illness. He also healed a seriously ill prince, and published many books to help him develop medicine. One of them is the well-known Donguibogam.

Heo Jun's greatest greatness is that it is a life-long business that has compiled an immortality agreement. Donguibogam, which has been praised not only in Korea but also in China and Japan, contains Heo Jun's bloody devotion and commitment over 14 years. Heo Jun has helped Korean medicine by compiling Dongui Bogam, which is also recognized in foreign countries. He is a lawmaker who saves others' lives. He fulfilled his duties faithfully, and he treats patients patiently until he dies, and feels much respect for Heo Jun, who fulfilled his mission. We all have to imitate this kind of humility, mission, and sacrifice spirit.

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