Yu Gwan sun

On August 15th of each year, I read the great biography of Yu Gwan sun, who devoted himself to our country, recalling the meaning of Liberation Day. Among many independence activists, I think of Yu Gwan sun as the first woman independence activist. It is our independence that made us able to live comfortably now. Independence is a great achievement achieved through numerous independence movements and protests. I think it might be a great happiness given to us now. Yu Gwan sun was born in 1904 in Jiryeong-ri, Dong-myeon, Cheonan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, as the daughter of Yu Gwan sun, and was born in a relatively good family. The father is a descendant of a famous family in the region, and the mother was a wise wife who was born in the family of a scholar and has a beautiful appearance and heart. Yu Gwan sun had one brother and two younger brothers. In spite of being a single daughter who needs to take care of the cuteness in the family of three boys and one girl, I haven't raised Yu Gwan sun like a child of iron age since I was a child, and I grew up strongly by explaining the situation in Korea that was ruled by Japan at the time. Yu Gwan sun, who thought he would be quiet and quiet, was surprisingly stubborn. It's a stubborn thing that doesn't end when you think it's right. So this stubbornness caused a lot of friction with my father. However, the father did not hate YYu Gwan sun and praised the clear subject. Yu Gwan sun grew into a right and strong child through her father's virtue and education, and grew up right under the father's belief that women should learn.

In 1916, at the age of 13, Yu Gwan sun entered the Ewha Institute as a scholarship student with the recommendation of a missionary and wife who came to Jiryeong-ri Church and did missionary work. I was greatly influenced by the independence of the nation by teacher Haransa, who was the director of Ewha Institute. Then, after the 3.1 movement in 1919, they held a street protest with the students, and when the school went to school, they went to their hometown to lead the protests. In 1919, at the age of 16 and in high school, he became a member of the association, Lee Moon-hoe. Speaking of now, he did a great job at the age of the third year of middle school. In addition, Yu Gwan sun joined the 3.1 movement and was arrested and released from Jongno Police Station with Kim Han-na, Yoon Seong-deok and others. I came down to my hometown with my father and brother, and in Gyeongseong, I sang a livelihood on March 1, so in my hometown, on March 1 of the lunar calendar, I planned to conduct an independent livelihood in the marketplace of Ao. Yu Gwan sun traveled from a nearby village to a distance of about 100 ri, telling him to call the world. Yu Gwan sun's mother decided to make a Taegeukgi, and the wives secretly made it. Meanwhile, Yu Gwan sun, on the first day of the 1st lunar month, had a father-in-law's long-lived campaign, and his father and mother were shot by a Japanese police officer. The house was burned down, the brother was taken to the Princess Police Station, and Yu Gwan sun was captured by a Japanese military police officer and put in prison. Yu Gwan sun was sentenced to three years in the court of Gongju District Court and appealed to the Seoul District Court. During the trial in Seoul, he threw a chair at the judge and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

In 1920, when Yu Gwan sun was 17 years old, he was tortured at the Seodaemun Prison and suffered severely in the “cooking room” besides Oxal. Yu Gwan sun shouted for independence from the prison without missing a day. Despite continued torture, Yu Gwan sun cried to the end, By convincing Choi Geun-su to shout for the independence of Korea, Choi Gan-su was kicked out and Yu Gwan sun was left alone. Even after being held in a solitary confinement, Gwansun, who was severely tortured, mixes rice balls with rice flour and sand. On October 14, at 10 am, he was taken alone in a solitary confinement at the Seodaemun Prison and shouted deadly as a Japanese torture while shouting the Korean independence. Yu Gwan sun is a woman and is 18 years old, but she is not afraid, but when she is taken away by the Japanese army. In front of him, I think we should imitate the courage to cry for the Korean Independence of the 3.1 Movement and the patriotism of Yu Gwan sun, who was crying for the Korean Independence. It is a pity that Yu Gwan sun died without seeing Korea's liberation. I learned that Korea was able to independence at the sacrifice of Yu Gwan sun, I am proud that Yu Gwan sun, who devoted his whole body to Korea and dedicated his youth at the age of 18, is a Korean. I also thought that I should cultivate a love for the country by imitating Yu Gwan sun.

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