Ahn Jung geun

Most of the doctors, Ahn Jung geun, are known for his great killing of Hiromi Ito. The story of this book begins when the Eulsa Treaty was signed. The Eulsa Treaty was not a treaty signed with the Eulsao enemy in spite of the opposition of the emperor, which was designed by Hirobu Ito for the purpose of peace in 1905. Following the Eulsa Treaty, Korea was deprived of diplomatic powers, and the Japanese invasion began in earnest. At this time, the excitement of the entire people filled the country, and so did Ahn Jung geun. Doctor Ahn Jung geun was born in 1879 under Suyangsan Mountain in Haejubu, Hwanghae-do, the grandson of In-soo Ahn and the eldest son of Ahn Tae-hoon. When I saw the Eulsa Treaty signed in 1905, I committed myself to the independence movement by resisting the signing of the Eulsa Treaty, which actually made Joseon a Japanese colony. Following his father's words that he should work hard outside the country, he fled to another country and headed for Cheong to try to recover his sovereignty. There, he knew that education was the first priority in order to restore his sovereignty, made efforts to cultivate skills such as establishing a school, and also went to Korean villages and recruited medical personnel to fight against Japan.

After establishing Samheung School and taking over the school of money, he went to Yeonhae in 1907 to participate in medical service. Taking the opportunity to come to Harbin in 1909 to have a meeting with Russian financial minister Kokovchev, Ito Hirobumi shot an Ito Hirobumi with a pistol at Harbin Station. This achievement was best known, and Ahn Jung geun had no fear at all. After the Eulsa Treaty, we faced Japan, which had taken over our country in earnest, and we have carried out a number of movements to restore national sovereignty and national development. The Eulsa Treaty, like the special envoy of the Hague, sent by Emperor Gojong to announce the injustice, was not successful due to various difficulties and Japanese interference. Despite this difficult situation, Ahn Jung geun killed Hirobu Ito, who lit the firewood of the Eulsa Treaty, and the appearance of Ahn Jung geun strengthened our nation.

Subsequently, he was immediately arrested and handed over to the Japanese government, imprisoned in Lushun prison, and sentenced to death on February 14, 1910. The court also showed a strong attitude without bending. "Why did you kill Hiromi Ito?" This answer was a word of excitement to me, even though it was a short line. Ahn Jung geun is afraid of considering that many people in Joseon will follow Ahn Jung geun and eventually faces the death penalty. I was executed on March 26, but I am sorry for not finding any remains. Despite the killing of the powers of the Han dynasty, the imposing attitude I felt was really great, and I was also ashamed if I could have done this if I had been alive at this time. I was able to know deeply about Ahn Jung geun, who simply knew that Ito Hirobumi was killed. Ahn Jung geun was born for his country and died for his country. He is so grateful that he can't think of anything more to say than great. It seems that we should imitate these minds, thinking about the development and independence of our country, even while giving up our precious lives.

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