Jeong Yak yong

Today, people sigh while looking at newspapers and news. When I look at the corrupt politicians, I think about the fertility of Jeong Yak yong in my head and compare it with each other. Jeong Yak yong thinks that scholarship is not a means of success, but a blessing for people's lives. As I read Jeong Yak yong's great exhibition, I couldn't help admiring him every time he turned a page. Jeong Yak yong was born in Majae, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do in 38 years in Yeongjo, and his father, Jang Jae-won, was a pastor of Jinju. Jeong Yak yong's family had a bachelor's degree in Hong Moon-gwan for eight consecutive years, and his family was a family of academics and art. His brothers were academically talented, so they opened their eyes to silics and books early, but were sacrificed in tight times. Jeong Yak yong has been studying hard since childhood. At the age of 9, his mother died, and he studied with his older brother under his father. After coming up to Seoul with his father in the year of 14, he made friends with Lee Ga-hwan and Lee Seung-hoon and became prominent in the study of profit. From now on, he promised to become a scholar. Jeong Yak yong entered Sungkyunkwan at the age of 22 and began to be favored by Jeongjo.

Jeong Yak yong also passed the college at the age of 28 and climbed the path, and gained the confidence of Jeongjo in academics and administration. And at this time, for the first time, I met Catholics. In addition, Jeongjo was expected to be important in the future due to his acting as the first tattoo of Gyujanggak, the design of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, and his role as an ambassador. However, the politicians felt a sense of crisis in the growth of fertility and his love for him, and tried to remove him with the help of Catholicism. When Jeongjo died, Jeong Yak yong was pushed to the limbs by the statics. Eventually, he barely saved his life and entered a long exile of 18 years. Jeong Yak yong never frustrated by his fate and sublimated his pain into academic achievements, and by focusing on academic research in various fields such as economics and economics, he published more than 500 books such as judging by the pastor, defector, Gyeongseonyo, and Maesi Book Review. I will write. After finishing his 18-year-old life, he returned to his hometown, lived 18 years, corrected and supplemented his writings, and named himself a self-confidence to organize his life. The exile life from the age of 39 to 56 was the most difficult and terrible years in Jeong Yak yong's life, but he rather endured and endured this period and looked back at his studies and completed it. I have to imitate this momentum, but I am not sure if these trials will always cause frustration.

Jeong Yak yong had a high level of viewing in all fields of philosophy, ethics, religion, politics, economy, science, literature, language, medicine, and so on. At the expense of himself, he criticized the uneven need for land and the large concentration of land on landlords, arguing for the common ownership, joint cultivation, and even distribution of land. Jeong Yak yong developed a comprehensive scientific ideology of studying abroad, and while doing his philanthropy, he left over 500 books. One of the best books is farmers' poem. With the right history and awareness, Jeong Yak yong lived a life as a true scholar of the time, and it became our example today. But I am sorry that I thought that the ancestors of the earth would cry because I did not do this. He said that it was the purpose of study to be good and love others, and in his best words I thought, “The ruler is for the people.” This is Jeong Yak yong, who defends the people and has a low attitude, and is the true official of this era. I think that we should live following the thoughts of sincerity and hard work.

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