Kim Jung ho

When I say Kim Jung ho, the famous Daedongyeojido comes to mind. Kim Jung ho is the person who created Korea's Daedongyeojido. Daedongyeojido was a map of Korea created in the Joseon Dynasty, and was accurate, detailed, simple and convenient to use at the time. At the time, there were no measuring tools and machines as it was at the time, and there would have been a lot of inconveniences for transportation, but it was accurate and detailed. You can also see how much time and balls you have spent. Daedongyeojido divides our country into 22 vertical (north and north) tiers and connects each floor to make a single concubine, which is about 7 meters north and south and about 3 meters east and west. It would be very big if you think about it now, but I think he did a better job than any other great man, considering what he tried to make. In Daedongyeojido, prefectures, villages, warehouses, houses, castles, and mountains are all marked. This sign has 22 signs to avoid map complexity. To express this, how many things did Kim Jung ho think for the convenience of people? In this way, Kim Jung ho was a pioneer who made a great map.

Kim Jung ho did not create Daedongyeojido for any compensation. How did Kim Jung ho, who made this Daedongyeojido, have this dream? It was said that when I was a boy, I saw a rainbow, and I wondered what village would be behind the rainbow and how far the distance would be, so I had a dream of making a map. While other children dreamed of being grateful to see the past, Kim Jung ho made a map with his own hands. Thus, Kim Jung ho decided to make the dream come true later on. In order to create this map, Kim Jung ho spent blood and sweat researching and researching geography throughout the country for his entire life. That's why I couldn't take good care of my home. Kim Jung ho passed many times to die. Hunger, all kinds of sickness, and cold in the winter pushed him out. So 20 years later, Kim Jung ho got sick and returned home. Families were already struggling with poverty. So Kim Jung ho said he would never leave the house again to make a map, but eventually he left the house again. It is very unfortunate, but what made him even greater is that Kim Jung ho, despite all the hardships, did not lose his will and eventually achieved his goal. Kim Jung ho, who has all the materials to draw Daedongyeojido, returned home, but his wife had already died. His daughter also served a lifetime for our country. The woman made a Daedongyeojido by carving woodblocks. After all these difficulties, Kim Jung ho completed a great work called Daedong Yeojido. It was only because of the desire that Kim Jung ho had a hard time trying to make a map even though he suffered.

In the meantime, I met Lee Yong-hee, who I had known before. Lee Yong-hee was a man in a high position in the army. He told Kim Jung ho that he was worried about the Western army coming in. Accordingly, Kim Jung ho showed Daedongyeojido. Lee Yong-hee greatly admired it and showed it to his superiors, and Kim Jung ho's hopes were really active when he was a soldier who had been attacked by the French army. Unfortunately, Kim Jung ho is locked up in prison. The reason was a ridiculous reason to make this detailed map of Korea and sell it to the West to pass it over. Even after setting up a ball in this country, Kim Jung ho was misunderstood and imprisoned for not only being locked up in prison but also making a ridiculous accusation of selling the secret of the country to the enemy. So trapped in prison, Kim Jung ho continued to suffer torture and passed away from prison. It is a pity. It is because he made such a great man who devoted his life for the country like Kim Jung ho so ridiculous. His achievements are widely known to this day, and the Daedongyeojido he created still shines. We will be grateful for his achievements. And it must be because of his efforts that developed our country's geography to this day. Kim Jung ho's lifelong history, along with the great map he left behind, will be recorded in history, leaving a way for future generations. I must imitate the devotion and the spirit of exploration devoted to my life for the country.

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