Dae Joyeong

Dae Joyeong, who gained much popularity in the past as a historical drama, is a great man who founded Balhae. Since Balhae can be called the second Goguryeo, China had many complaints about distorting the history of Goguryeo as its own. Dae Joyeong was born as the son of a popular audience when Goguryeo was almost destroyed. Dae Joyeong Young's father, the popular statue, was a general of Goguryeo. Dae Joyeong Young was born between Dalgi and the public, and in Goguryeo there was a saying that 'the child born when the shooting star falls will turn the king.' He was the one who had died with the emperor's luck from the time he was born and almost died from the rumors. King Yeon-gae-moon even ordered Dae Joyeong to be killed, but he kept his loyalty to the public and enslaved his son.

Because of his great patriotism, he was also a master of defeating the enemy with his excellent skills when China came in. He is a great person. Only a few people noticed all of the enemy's tactics and blocked them all. It seems that the guts of his courage is a necessary attitude even in the present age. When Goguryeo was destroyed by the coalition forces of the Nadian Party in 668 AD, the long-established Goguryeo Dae Joyeong and Malgal leader Galsabi were forcibly taken along with the Goguryeo refugees and their lords. In 696 AD, the leaders of the Qur'an, Jin-Chung Lee and Man-Young Son, led the Qur'an to pursue balancing and captured the lord, and the party led the 10th Army and captured the lord again. Subsequently, Jin-Chung Lee and Man-Young Son were killed by the party. At that time, Dae Joyeong heads to the old Goguryeo land with his father's public image and Galsabi. At that time, the party defeated Georan and received the troops of the Tang Dynasty General, a mercenary who was taken to the Tang Dynasty. Then, first, Galsabi took 50,000 Malgal troops and confronted Lee Hae-go, but collapsed miserably. The mass prize also died while facing Lee Hae-go. Dae Joyeong is sad and collects the remaining Malgal and Revival forces and ambushes them in the astronomical order. Dae Joyeong sat down in a well-viewed place. When Lee Hae-go came, arrows were pouring from all directions, and the soldiers came out, hit and re-entered and shot arrows, and only Hae-go and some of the soldiers were alive and destroyed.

Dae Joyeong arrived in the old Goguryeo land again. In addition, Dae Joyeong arrived at the old Goguryeo land, Dongmosan, and decided the capital city and named the country's national name "Daejin." And he called Yeonho Cheontong. He then called himself the Emperor and called him the King of the Go. In 713 AD, King Hyunjong of the Tang Dynasty gave the king the throne of the left-handed general, Balhae-gun, the king Han Do-do, and the son of the martial arts, the gyeru-gun. Unification Silla gave the old king a five-ply rice ball and a rice ball called daechan Then, the King of the Republic of Korea fixed the country's national name with Balhae, almost restored the old Goguryeo territory and died. In this way, Balhae was called the Haedong Seongguk because of the excellence and pride of the Korean people. In addition, from the Daedong River in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula to Manchu Continent and Liaodong in front of the Great Wall of China in southwestern Siberia, it occupied vast territory and grew into a great power. But it's too bad that this kind of balhae is shady in our history. I hope that the history of Bohai will be more and more known to us in the future.

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