Eulji Mundeok

In the 23rd year of King Goguryeo's nutrition, the war with the Sui Dynasty gave birth to the greatest war hero, Eulji Mundeok. We must remember Eulji Mundeok, the hero of the water-spraying conquest that killed the 300,000 armies of the Sui dynasty and destroyed the powerful Sui dynasty. Shin Chae-ho, a nationalist historian who wrote Eulji Mundeok's biography of Eulji Mundeok, who taught us courage and wisdom in our history without fear, was also chosen as the best person in our history for 4,000 years. Eulji Mundeok was a commander of the 25th King Goyang of Goguryeo and was calm, sharp, and excellent in strategy and skill. Yang Sui led the great army and invaded Goguryeo, and the elite troops of the Sui Nara army, the Wumun Sake and Wujungmun, came to the Yalu River in Buyeo and Nakrang, respectively. Eulji Mundeok took a risk to understand their reality and surrendered to their camp.

At this time, the generals of the Wu Dynasty, Wu Mun Shou and Wu Zhong Mun, tried to catch Eulji Mundeok under the emperor's embarrassment. Soon I regret to send a person, but Eulji Mundeok went back across the Yalu River without looking back. After that, Umun Sake said to go back because food was low, and Ujungmun said to pursue Eulji Mundeok and attack. Eulji Mundeok early recognized that there was a hungry appearance in the appearance of the Sui Dynasty, and defeated and retreated every battle to make them even more tired. Believing that Sui had already won many times, he finally advanced to the east, crossed the trickling water, and camped at 30 yards from Pyongyang. At this time, Eulji Mundeok sends a wonderful poem to Woojungmun, which is the famous Yeosujang Woojungmun poem. On the surface, it may seem like a compliment to Woojungmun, but in reality it was a poem that indirectly informs us that the Sui was surrounded. After seeing the opponent's strategy and military fatigue, Woojungmun marched back, returning to the army.

Eulji Mundeok led the military and raided on the slopes without missing this gap, where the power of the Sui dynasty was missing. In addition, Goguryeo was able to possess numerous munitions and weapons. This is the famous sprinkler countermeasure that will remain in the history of world war. Watering is well known today as the Cheongcheon River. Eulji Mundeok is a great and famous general and great man who defeated 300,000 Sui army with 3,000 troops. In addition, through the poems of Woojungmun, Yeosujang mentioned earlier, you can grasp the wiseness and writing skills of Eulji Mundeok. All of us should imitate this greatness.

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