Jang Bo go

Jang Bo go is a Silla man, and is a great man who led the maritime trade against Tang and Japan by establishing a pirate on the southwest coast and installing Cheonghae. Jang Bo go is an internationally influential person to be introduced in more detail in Chinese and Japanese history books. Its other name is Gungbok, and it is written as a palace in the Three Kingdoms. Jang Bo go, called the god of the sea, "Haesin," was born as a child of a fisherman and fished to make a living. He has been martial arts and brave since he was young. It was my dream to become a captain of the naval forces, but unfortunately, I couldn't do it in Jang Bo go because I was a socialist society with a strict goal system of Unified Silla. So he left for the Tang Dynasty.

He excelled in many ways and became the commander of the Tang Dynasty, where he served as the vanguard of the army and built a great ball. However, the party's continued war has consumed a lot of money, which led to the need for fiscal deprivation, which intensified fiscal pressure. In this situation, Jang Bo go returned to Silla with a lot of anger as he saw the Silla people being sold as slaves by pirates. After returning to Silla, he realized the king of Silla and said to the king of Silla, “Shin-line is being sold as a slave in Tang. So, if you give me 10,000 troops, I will clean up the pirates and prevent this from happening. After that, Jang Bo go will establish Cheonghaeeun in Wando. This magnificence of Cheonghae was said to have been admired by Admiral Yi Sun-sin, Chungmugong, who led the victory over the Imjin War in Korea.

Cheonghae is a naval trade base established by Jang Bo go of Silla in Wando, Jeollanam-do. There are two main reasons why Jang Bo go installed Cheonghae. The first is the pirate sweep. According to an old book, many pirates have disappeared since he installed Cheonghae in Wando, and no one to sell the Silla people on the sea disappeared. The second reason is maritime trade. The geographical location of the unified Silla is a very favorable condition for the brokerage trade between Japan and China between Japan and China. In order for Japan to go to China, it was impossible to go without Silla, and China was the same, so the geographical location of Silla could not be neglected, especially of Cheonghae. Since Jang Bo go established Cheonghae, trade with the party has grown enormously. Later, during the 156 years, 23 battles of thrones took place over the course of 156 years, and in 839, King Munseong rose to the throne. In 845, Jang Bo go tried to send his daughter as King Munseong's second queen, but the nobles in the middle opposed her. Despite this, he was murdered by an assassin named Yeomjang sent by King Munseong in 846. The story of the Three Kingdoms is said to have been promised by King Munseong, the father of King Seong-moon, and when it broke, Jang Bo go resentd the king and tried to rebel. Jang Bo go did a lot of work for the country and the people, but unfortunately, it was a pity that he lost his life in a power struggle. However, he is proud of his great achievements in the country, such as protecting his people from being sold to slaves after returning to Silla after leaving their positions in the Tang Dynasty.

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